Slow-Down Hand Brake 2

Slow-Down Hand Brake


Why not have your Sholley fitted with our easy-to-operate ‘slow- down’ hand brake. This will allow you to slow down your Sholley on hills, when ferrying heavy loads or in wet weather.


Product Description

The Sholley Hand Brake

If you have a Sholley Trolley and would like greater control when out with it this is the latest thing for you. Heavy loads on hills become easier with our hand break so you can tackle heavy shopping loads on slopes with ease. If you have had an operation of are gaining confidence from a fall this will help you even more than our Sholley Trolleys do.

You can buy all new Sholley Trolleys with this fitted for you from us.

It can also be fitted separately in D.I.Y. kit form at home.


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