Below are some of the wonderful comments we receive from our customers.  We really value your business and we know you will love your Sholley.

Thank you for your kind comments.

“Just to let you know how pleased I am with my trolley. The first day I went shopping a lady stopped me, to say she had a Sholley and it was the best thing she ever bought. My neighbour was so impressed when she saw mine that she has ordered one.”

-Mrs D. Young, Atherton, Manchester


“My daughter recently bought me a Sholley for my birthday. I feel that I must write and let you know that it is the best present that I have ever received. It has given me a new lease of life. I now feel much more stable and confident when walking out shopping with my Sholley. I suffer from arthritis and this makes me feel more independent.”

-Mrs Evison, Spalding


“To say the Sholley Trolley has revolutionised my mothers life would be the understatement of the year. This trolley has truly unlocked our lives and given my mother 100% more mobility and confidence.”

-Ania Phillips, Ormskirk


“I have recently purchased a replacement Sholley after twelve years. Need I say more?”

-Mrs F Palman, Norfolk


“WONDERFUL! My mother is over the moon with her Sholley. Keeps telling her friends to get one. It has made life so much easier for her. Mum is out & about all the time now she has a Sholley.”

-Jackie Wade (Amazon Customer)


“My Sholley has made a tremendous difference to my life.”

-Phyllis Gosling-Ward


“Bought this Sholley for both my mother and aunt and both are over the moon with them.”

-Mrs B West (Amazon Customer)


“Really nice and spacious trolley, phone holder, pocket for purse, easy to manoeuvre around shop and folds up quick and easy. Worth the money you pay, thank you.”

– Karen (Amazon Customer)


“I shall (and do) recommend you company to my friends and acquaintances, who often ask where I bought it.”

– Mrs D.G Riley


“I would like to say that your customer service has been second to none, it has been friendly, personal and helpful every time I have had to contact your company. I would even go so far to say it has been exemplary.”

– Guy Bellingham


“This trolley is fab; my mum loves it and takes it everywhere. Initially she needed to practice with it as she felt unsafe without her stick but now has the confidence to go out alone without any worries of falling. Shopping basket fits neatly on top at supermarket, light enough to put in the car, adjustable handle. It’s a bit like pushing a pram.”

– JC  (Amazon Customer)



“Bought for daughter who has fibromyalgia and carpal and struggles with carrying anything in her hands. She wants to be independent and can walk to a local supermarket holding onto the large wide Sholley handle. She already has a basic Sholley and asked if I could get here the deluxe model as she says the front wheels are more stable than the single ones. She’s very happy with this model.”

– Jude Faulkner (Amazon Customer)


“I am delighted with my Sholley. It holds an amazing amount of shopping and is still very easy to manoeuvre. A basket sits very well on the top whilst collecting groceries etc. I love all the concealed pockets, especially the zipped one to hold my purse. I have seen other similar ones, but nowhere near as sturdy as my Sholley. It certainly takes all the hard work out of a visit to the shops, and I would thoroughly recommend this item.”

-Mrs. M.R. James (Amazon Customer)


“I’ve had Sholley for years and years finally need new one, best trolley ever.”

-A.E (Amazon Customer)


“Absolutely fantastic was ordered for an elder lady neighbour of mine, who says it’s changed her life as its given her her confidence back to walk out around town.”

-Christine Cox (Amazon Customer)


“I don’t know how I managed without my Sholley I take it everywhere with me as it helps me to walk as well as carrying my shopping, a brilliant buy”

-Ms Elizabeth A. Manning (Amazon Customer)


“I would like to thank you so much for the speed and efficiency you have shown in getting my new trolley to me.”

-Mrs R. Smith, Surrey 


“Worth every penny, I use it every day not just for shopping but as a walking aid its so easy to manoeuvre.”

-Mags (Amazon Customer)


“Bought this for my mom as she not brill on her pins, she loves it and even bought another as a present to her friend.”

-Stephen John Barrett (Amazon Customer)


“Very pleased with the trolley, wish I had bought it sooner.”

-Joanna Scott (Amazon Customer)


“I am now the proud owner of one of your Sholleys!! I am very pleased with it.”

-Lisa Sonderby (Amazon Customer)


“Many thanks for very swift delivery of my new Sholley.”



“Many passer byers said they had trolley envy.”

-Jo Fletcher-Saxon


“Auntie is really pleased with this trolley.”

-Jon Jon (Amazon Customer)


“Bought this for my mum for Christmas after reading the reviews and it was delivered today (23/9) on it’s expected arrival date so that’s a good start. Gave it to her not long after being delivered and she was made up with it, she has used it straight away and said it is great and easy to use. Excellent product and service.”

-Adam Hines (Amazon Customer)


“It was just as it said in the ad it is just great. Would recommend to family and friends.”

-Ivan Maynard (Amazon Customer)


“Bought for a very elderly aunt and she absolutely loves it. Thank you.”

-The Piaggio (Amazon Customer)


“This trolley is very firm and helpful for support when walking. My husband does not mind using it as it is a discreet colour.”

-Anne A (Amazon Customer)


“Good quality. I bought this for my mum who was delighted with it, it has great space and useful pockets, sturdy and smart looking.”

-Miss Elaine Spearing (Amazon Customer)


“Great, thought I wouldn’t use brakes but they are handy on trains, granddaughter gets inside when cold and miserable easier to push than a buggy.”

-Sheila Gray (Amazon Customer)


“Great trolley for helping with stability. Very smart looking shopping trolley very stable nice hard top to sit on if need be. Great asset to keeping my independence. Can go out shopping on my own and no one knows it is helping me along.”

-Linda Lawrence (Amazon Customer)


“It is everything that I expected, I am now able to go to town and not worry about having to carry my purchases.”

-Mr Peter Howe (Amazon Customer)

“I wanted to put a review on your website. I have had 2 Sholley Trolleys now over a period of about 5 or 6 years. The first was a Petite in Mulberry and I loved it. Gave it to a friend when I had new one – standard navy blue with large squares on it. Loved them both.

These trolleys have been a God-send to me and have been used for everything. They even helped us move house into a flat – you’d be surprised at what they hold and remain steady. I recently had a serious back operation and it helped me get back on my feet from sitting down and helped me to move about my flat easily instead of using a zimmer.

They are wonderful trolleys and I just wanted to tell you so. I would recommend them to anyone who is a bit unsteady on their feet – it helped me a lot when my back was really bad and enabled me to stay on my feet when I was so unable to stand on my own. Just wanted to write a review in support of Sholley.

My blue sholley is still great and still going strong. I have used it to transport food and drinks from the kitchen to my table without dropping anything or spilling any drinks. It is a regular little work-horse and I am very proud to own it.

Have recommended many of my friends to buy a Sholley – I wouldn’t be without mine”

-Norma Taylor

“My new Sholley was delivered yesterday before 12:00 noon. What service – I had placed my order over the telephone at 2:15PM the previous day! Under 24 hours!!!

“I am delighted with the Sholley. I have the original one I bought many years ago and it is still in perfect working order. However, the design has been improved so much; in particular I like the swivel front wheels which make it much easier to manoeuvre.”

“Thank you for your exceptional service – not only regarding the delivery time but also the excellent way in which your telephone operators respond to calls. It is a rare treat these days, not only to encounter a polite, friendly voice but, in fact, to be able to speak to a human being at all (instead of pressing endless buttons on the telephone)!”

-Miss G M Pryer


“This is superior to – and more expensive than- any other trolley I’ve owned. But its qualities are needful. The cover doesn’t blow up in a wind, and it runs very well and smoothly. I was worried whether the handle would extend high enough, as I am 5’9 so was very pleased to be offered a higher handle.”

-Rosemary Hazel (Amazon Customer)


“I’m very pleased with my Sholley Trolley, it helps me with walking and the front swivel wheels are great. It’s a good design.”

– Mabel Wales (Amazon Customer)


“Brilliant trolley, nice and roomy. Wheels can be locked if wanted and the two little brakes at the back are ideal when needed. Very pleased with my Sholley Trolley”

– Jean Abbott (Amazon Customer)


“It holds an amazing amount of shopping, but still doesn’t feel heavy to push.”

– Mrs Jane Tuffs


“Item met expectations. Well made and looks good! Service superb it arrived well before expected date and was well packed.”

– BabzM (Amazon Customer)


“I would like to thank you for your unbeatable service when retaining the brake of my trolley.”

– Ken Brown, Surrey


“It’s really lovely, this my second one I’ve had.”

– Gloria Pogson


“Very pleased with it plenty of space for items you buy and light but sturdy to use.”

– Antoinette Smith (Amazon Customer)


“It not only looks good , it’s sturdy and strong . I needed two trolleys, so I bought a trolley from another brand . Not even in the same league. I gave the other away and bought a second Sholley.”

– Amazon Customer


“10 out of 10! If I had to write all the advantages there would not be enough space! Suffice to say it is wonderful…I have back injuries at the moment…will never carry heavy shopping bags again. This folds up nicely in the car…best take your shopping trolley unload in the car, then when you get home, fill this trolley up. That way does not strain your back at all. Obviously if walking or using the bus no problem. Do I love how easy it is to move around….YES!”

– Drottning (Amazon Customer)


“It is really good. Highly recommended. I’m 89 and a bit wobbly. This Sholley replaces a two wheeler trolley which was making my shoulder ache. It is really good. Highly recommended. The top is rigid and takes the weight of a full supermarket basket.”

– B.F. Jones (Amazon Customer)


“The new design is really snazzy.”

– Sheila Flaherty, Birmingham


“I must tell you I have had a Sholley for years, and it has been wonderful!”

– K.E Beuilerdge


“I will be able to go and do my own shopping next month.”

– Maynet Dodds


“Brilliant, arrived so fast I was amazed. It is perfect for the job very stable and better than a 3 legged walker as I can now get all my shopping in without struggling. Folds up easily for the bus, perfect .”

– Patricia Lee (Amazon Customer)


“Excellent value for the money. Fast delivery. A sturdy and most useful piece of equipment.”

– GD (Amazon Customer)


“Superb product, does what it says and no effort to take anywhere.”

– John Birstall (Amazon Customer)


“I use this when I need a big shop, what would I do without it?!”

– Charles Howard (Amazon Customer)


“The Sholley is essential for people like me.”

-Lynn Brown


“Excellent quality, prompt delivery.”

-Susan White (Amazon Customer)


“Fantastic product.”

-Sally Cox (Amazon Customer)


“Excellent trolley. Can’t fault it, well worth the money.”

-Eileen (Amazon Customer)


“Excellent for my mom who is 85 and walks everywhere to keep fit it gives her stability is strong with plenty of room for her shopping.”

-Mrs M (Amazon Customer)


“A bit pricey but well worth it. I can now do my week’s shopping in one go AND walk home with it without lugging heavy bags on to the bus.”

-B. A. Henderson (Amazon Customer)


“I got this for my mum as her mobility has declined recently. It gives her support and confidence when walking now. Lots of room for shopping.”

-Colette Hodgkins (Amazon Customer)


“This is a very good quality trolley. Strong lid and adaptable wheels.”

-Beau Hill (Amazon Customer)


“Wonderful trolley my Mother is very happy with it.”

-MISS P M E HOLT (Amazon Customer)


“If you are elderly and you need a trolley to help with your balance when walking to the shops, then this is for you. This new model has very handy pockets, and actually folds up to go in the car.”

-Pepper (Amazon Customer)