New Hanging Hook

The New Sholley Hanging Hook

On all new Sholley’s we have again listened to our customers and added something new.

You all know that a Sholley folds flat in a second, so it’s easy to store or to put in the boot of a car.  We have gone a stage further and adapted the front forks on our trolleys to include a hanging hook.

This simple design enables you to hang your trolley up and gives you a range of benefits:

  • Hang it on your supermarket trolley to open it at the checkout so you can take your shopping away with you.
  • You can hang your Sholley on a hook at home.
  • In a shoe cupboard or in the garage.
  • When it is folded flat you simply hook it up ready for when you next need it.

Another great feature of our trolleys is it’s lid.  The Sholley lid is so strong that it can easily hold a shopping basked if you just need a quick shop.  Then, you don’t have to carry the basket as your trolley can do the hard work for you.

Hangs on a wall easily when folded flat!

It is another space saving design that enables our trolleys to fit around you and your life.  All you do is fold the trolley flat and then hang it up on the slim but strong hanging bar which we have added.

It is very simple to do and it means more floor space for you wherever you store your trolley.

If you have any ideas on what would improve the trolley designs we have, feel free to contact us via the website or phone.  We have been adapting our trolleys to suit you for 35 years now and we know how important they are to many of you.

New Hanging Hook, Sholley hanging hook

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  1. 90 yr old ma in law has just purchased a petite Sholley Trolley but finds folding it flat quite difficult as it requires a little bit of strength. Can't the trolley be made in the same way buggies are for kids? They almost fold up by themselves but are very strong and sturdy when locked into place. We still haven't worked out how to use the hook which enables the folded trolley to be attached to a supermarket shopping trolley. Have you any pictures? Please don't think of these comments as negative as we are delighted with the quality and size for her small stature.

    1. Hello Janet
      We try not to have catches on the sholleys for people who have arthritic fingers and are unable to cope.
      The sholley can be a little stiff to start with as they are new ,a little silicone spray on the metal side arms and down at the bottom where the wheels are can ease this problem
      The hanging hook can only be used when the sholley is folded .The hook is at the bottom of the frame at the front and is clipped round the steel tube,you need just to gently unhook and turn a full 180 degrees so the hook comes round to the to the front.


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