Cool Bag Black & Pink


Attaches to the rear of Sholley or can be used separately. An indispensable storage bag for any shopper who wants to preserve hot or cold foodstuffs/drinks at a safe, even temperature before they arrive home or on picnics etc. Simply fits to the rear of any Sholley by means of two ‘quick – release’ clips and can be used separately as well.  This matches perfectly with our black and pink set of Sholley Trolleys and official accessories.



Black & Pink Cool Bag

This detachable black and pink cool bag attaches simply to the back of any Sholley Trolley.

If you are on a shopping trip, want to keep cool drinks cool or to keep hot food warm this is perfect for you. It can be used as a separate cool bag also.

It is designed by us to our own high standards. It has a simple zip design at the top and is very easy to attach and use.

We produce this in a full range of colours to match all existing official Sholley Trolleys.


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