Jackie Clover 35th edition in pale


The special pale anniversary edition of the Sholley Deluxe marks our 35th anniversary so we did something special.  We hope you love what we did as much as we do – Jackie Clover.

If you are 5’3 or under in height you may wish to consider our smaller ‘Petite’ version of the same trolley by clicking here.


  • Jackie Clover 35th Anniversary Pale Handbag


    This fantastic pale 35th anniversary handbag is great on its own but even better with a matching pale anniversary Sholley Trolley.

  • Multi-Purpose Carry Clip (pack of 2)


    The Carry Clip attaches to handle in a second – with one hook clip on either side you can now hang a number of extra bags from your Sholley

  • Out Of Stock

    Adjustable Folding Walking Stick


    No wonder this walking stick is so popular! It’s as steady as a rock to lean on, yet when not required it folds away to 11in high and can be stored out of sight in any bag or pocket. In fact, it’s so lightweight – you will hardly know it’s there! Opens and closes in…

  • Slow-Down Hand Brake


    Why not have your Sholley fitted with our easy-to-operate ‘slow-down’ hand brake. This will allow you to slow down your Sholley on hills, when ferrying heavy loads or in wet weather. Please be sure to pick which size brake you require for your Sholley.  If you are unsure please call 01255 431444 before ordering.

  • Maintenance Spray


    Our special Silicone Spray helps to protect and lubricate all the moving parts of your Sholley, including the wheels. Full instructions are supplied with this and we recommend this product as it helps to keep your trolley in top condition for longer.

  • Fabric Cleaner Spray


    Keep your Sholley bag in pristine condition with this brilliant fabric cleaner to protect against stains and dirt.

  • Easy-Reach Separator Bag


    Problems bending? The answer is simple! Simply clip in the new Easy-Reach Separator Bag

  • Jackie Clover 35th Anniversary Pale Cool Bag


    Attaches to the rear of Sholley or can be used separately. An indispensable storage bag for any shopper who wants to preserve hot or cold foodstuffs/drinks at a safe, even temperature before they arrive home or on picnics etc. Simply fits to the rear of any Sholley by means of two ‘quick – release’ clips…



Jackie Clover 35th Anniversary Pale Sholley Trolley

The special pale anniversary edition of the Sholley Deluxe marks our 35th anniversary and is a thank you from us, to you.  We have a fantastic brand and a high quality product which has evolved over the decades based upon your feedback.

As a result we wanted to mark our birthday with something different.

The Jackie Clover Collection

This is Pale design bag comes with 2 multi-purpose side pouches, internal front zipped pockets, internal rear three pouch pocket and internal name and address tag.

This product has No Rear Axle & NEW PARK BRAKE Not only can you walk close behind without tripping, but simply flip down the park brake to lock the back wheels.

Profile: No wonder the Sholley Deluxe is our best seller. It’s strong, light, yet totally safe to lean on and walk with. Aframe drawing wt 6 godsend if you have arthritis, rheumatism, hip/knee replacement or walking problems. The Sholley should last 7-12 years and will easily outlive cheaper imitations.

The Sholley’s swivel wheels allow you maximum support as you don’t have to tip the Sholley back to turn around tight corners. This makes it so easy to steer yet safe to walk with. However to start with you can simply lock the swivel wheels in the ‘straight – ahead’ position whilst you gain your confidence.

Sholley frame is hidden inside bag and folds flat easily. Replacement bags available separately.

WEIGHT: (less bag) 7.5lbs
Height = 18.5in
Depth = 15.5in
Width = 13.5in
HANDLE HEIGHT: Max 38in Min 34in

All Sholleys fold flat instantly – even with a bag in!wheels wt 3

The Sholley is the UK’s easiest shopper to fold flat. No bending. No catches. Simply pull the front top bar towards the handle and that’s it! Yet when opened out it is incredibly stable and safe to walk with.

Click here to read about this items new hanging hook.  An added space saver for storing your trolley.

“This Sholley provides my mum with confidence when she’s walking – a great buy and the lovely floral detail is a great talking point!”

Pam (Amazon Customer)

“What a wonderful shopping trolley this is, it’s so pretty and practical, lovely and sturdy as I have mobility problems, it holds loads of shopping, it was a fast delivery too. Thank you Sholley.”

Tina Mary Greaves (Amazon Customer)


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