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The Patented Sholley Design

The Patented Sholley Design

At Sholley we think we have considered most things during the decades we have been making them.  We are proud of all of our innovations and features but this is one that really makes a difference.

The Sholley frame is a patented design which makes it very unique.  The trolley itself doesn’t have a ‘ribcage’ style frame design to it.

Whilst this gives our design many advantages it also adds to the look of our trolleys.

This enables the trolley to fold flat easily as you know and it keeps the trolley’s weight down.  Another very practical advantage is people won’t be tempted to lift your trolley by the ribs.  This is something which happens often.  If family members or taxi drivers pick up your trolley to put it into a vehicle they will often lift it by the exposed frame.  These thin bits of metal make ideal things to grab but they are not strong.  As a result we see a lot of bent trolleys around.

Our bags have the trolley’s frame inside it.  This improves the look and adds to the longevity of the trolley.

Just another fantastic feature of our beloved Sholley Trolleys.


  1. Please would you let me know about the bag replacement .thank you Jean

    1. Hi Jean,

      We will email you today with some info on replacement bags.

      Many thanks


      1. Hello Jean

        Replacement bags are available but are not shown on the website. It is probably best if you call us on 01255 431444 so that we can ascertain exactly what trolley you have to make sure we send you the correct replacement bag. The prices start at £17.50 up to £37.00 but this does depend on what model you have.

        We await hearing from you



  2. I love the look of this trolley, I saw a lady on the bus with one. I asked for the details and hey presto I am on your website thinking about which colour/combination to buy...I am thrilled. There is just one thing, instead of having the two pockets at the front of the trolley, would I be able to request the pockets be placed at the back? This way whatever i put in them will be closer to me and also for security...criminals will be non the wiser of the pockets and so unable to grab stuff out of them.

    1. Hello
      Thank-you for your comments Unfortunately we do not have pockets on the back of the sholleys but we do a Handbag or insulated cool bag which can be brought separately and used for this purpose .Please call us for more inquiries.01255431444
      regards Sholley team


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