The Original Sholley, Contact us: 01255 431444

The official, original Sholley shopping trolley part shopping trolley and aid to walking, with the unique Sholeco frame hidden inside the bag so it folds flat.

Sholley Sholeco original shopping trolleys, made in Britain (patent no.2331490).  Over 500,000 sold worldwide.

Welcome to the home of the Sholley Trolley.

Now proven as the safest shopper to walk with in recent independent Govt. Safety Regulations Tests – The Sholley® was ranked as much safer than other shopping trolleys.


Not only can you walk close behind without tripping, but simply flip down the park brake to lock the back wheels.

Save £££s by buying direct – Your Sholley should be delivered direct to your door within 48 hours, fully assembled with our great 14 day money back guarantee – If you don’t agree it’s the best trolley to use – we will give you your money back.

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