The Donkee Coolbag

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  • Donkee Accessory – Matching Insulated Cool Bag
  • Dimensions 18” x 13” x 4” 
  • Designed to easily attach to the rear of your Donkee with strap & snap lock
  • Useful & convenient additional shopping bag for dairy products, chilled & frozen foods. 
  • Strong hardwearing outer fabric, wipe clean insulated inner. Secure zip closure,
  • Attractive piped edging enhances the aesthetic to perfectly co-ordinate with your Donkee design.


Donkee Coolbags

Here at Sholley we are always catering for your shopping needs. We have used the same strong & durable fabrics as our range of Donkee trolleys to design our co-ordinating cool bags.

The Donkee cool bags are fully insulated inside and close securely with a zipped top keeping your items cool on the way home.

The Donkee cool bag has a simple strap & snap-lock to easily attach to the rear of your Donkee trolley, providing a hands free additional shopping bag ideal for dairy products, chilled or frozen foods.

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